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cl_logo.jpgCompántas Lir is an amateur Drama Group based in Claregalway & Carnmore in Co. Galway.

Hi there! I’m a normal person by day, aspiring actor by night, and the group chairperson for the rest of the time. I hope you find some information on our Drama Society in these pages, and for all other queries please contact us !

…Eoin McCarthy, Group Chairperson


Founded in 1983 by a group of like minded thespians, the group has since gone on to be one of the strongest drama groups in Connaught, if not the known world ! Originally comprising of under 10 people, we now have amassed an ensemble of over 50 people, who all contribute to the groups aims of nurturing amateur drama within the area.

The group has three main annual productions :

  • A Three act play – rehearsing Nov-Feb. This play is entered in to the national Three act Drama Circuit, with festival performances during March-April, and a trip to a theatre in Galway in March or April.
  • A One act play – rehearsing September-November. The play is entered in to the national One act Drama Circuit, with festival performances during November-December.
  • Autumn Theatre – rehearsing August-October. The group puts on two one act comedies in the local Carnmore Community Centre for four nights in October.

Outside of those productions, the group also hosts workshops during the year, has lengthy meetings, perform the odd other play and general socialise a few times a year together.

We are always looking for people with an interest in joining a local group, whether as an actor or in the one of the many important “back stage” positions.

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