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Mike Hession

Mike has been active in drama in Claregalway for almost twenty-five years.  His late father, James, was a noted actor in the 1930’s and 40’s.
Mike’s acting career includes roles in “Ten Little Indians”, “Drama at Inish”, “The Sorcerer’s Tale”, “The Communication Cord”, “Gaslight, ” “Professor Tim” and his own favourite, Mawleogs Canavan in his multi-award winning production of “Mungo’s Mansion”. He has also played several roles in our Autumn Theatre productions.
Mike is also an accomplished director and has brought the group to the All-Ireland Finals with his productions of “Mungo’s Mansion”, “Poor Beast in the Rain” and “An Ideal Husband”.  His other productions include “Harvey” was the very challenging “Pygmalion”.  This year he is relishing his return to the boards in the role of Abbot Wilfred.

Joined : 1983

Acting Debut:

Roles :

Paddy Greaney

Paddy epitomises the soul of Compántas Lir. In his role as chairman of the group over the past two years he has led by example.  He is widely experienced and highly respected in the amateur drama world, particularly for his unique ability to portray comic characters, but also as a director of some of our Autumn one-act productions and as an author of two one-acts  – the hilarious award-winning “Knuts and Bolts” and “Mr. Nobody”.  He has played numerous roles in the Autumn Theatre productions over the years in plays such as “Hell and High Water”, “Cough Water”, “The Yank Outsider”, “Cuckoo”, “Hallowe’en” and, more recently, ”The Tailor’s Dummy”.  There are people who will ask if Paddy is featuring before they book their tickets – such is his appeal!
He is probably best remembered for his award-winning portrayal of Ulick in “Moll”, Seán Dóta in “Sive” and Fred Williams in “Dry Rot”.  Other recent roles include John Scally in “Professor Tim” and Alec in last year’s production of “A Crucial Week in the Life of a Grocer’s Assistant”. His professionalism and meticulous attention to detail has brought a new dimension to his current role as Brother Donatus.

Joined :1983

Acting Debut:

Roles : Actor, Chairperson, Playright, Director